Finished the second draft of the script and both boys seem to approve, so we move ahead. A feel-good film with a positive moral message, cleverly disguised with as much gunplay, violence, gore, and supernatural fire effects as we can muster. And we can muster us a whole bunch, you betcha. Right now it is intended to be the first part of a trilogy, each 22 minutes. There is still some debate whether or not it should simply be put all together into a feature-length project. However, there are still too many variables we can't control, so smaller seems wiser, at least for now.


Got a shot of the boys at the Santa Susana train station which I am going to do a sky replacement on, using the brush fire footage I got last year. I also plan to insert a Train From Hell.


Got a model train and rigged up the Helltrain shot, using some of my special miniature fire mixes. The end result is pretty spectacular, if I do say so -- any more and you'd not have been able to see there was a train under there. Have sent it off to CK for twixtorizing.

The Helltrain, jokingly referred to as DamnTrak.


Break for Thanksgiving.


Took some time to shoot a whole slew of black smoke and flame explosions, since the greenscreen and lights were set up for this. It's a filthy process and smelly -- I can only work in the mornings, so that the place will be aired out by the time Max comes in at 11. He works into the evenings. This means only a couple of shots each day, because the smoke has to vent between each one and then I have to use the air compressor to blow out all the soot. But now it is back to work on the Helltrain shot, which is going to be a major multilevel -- I had to roto the wrought iron railing and bench.


SO, things got a little more elaborate than orginally intended. The revised script got enough interest from outside people so that it seems worthwhile to write the entire trilogy, and the HD camera is s cool to use we've decided to do an HD production instead. So there will be some delay -- again.